Exceptional Horse Boarding and Training Program

Boarding & Miscellaneous Services

Full-Care Field Board

$700 per month

Includes unlimited access to hay and one feeding of grain per day

Full-Care Stall Board

$900 per month

Includes unlimited hay in stall, grain twice daily, stall mucking, and turn-out


Full-Care Walk-out-stall Board

$1200 per month

(Horses have own private matted turn out paddock.)

Includes unlimited hay in stall, grain twice daily & stall mucking. 

Full Care Training Board

$1,500 per month

Includes all the same as Full-Care Stall Board, plus the horse is ridden 5 times per week by a professional. This package includes showing and handling for equine professionals (e.g., vet, blacksmith, etc.) when using our professionals and during our scheduled visits. Visits not scheduled by us may be subject to additional charges.

*We do not show horses that are not in full training.

Trailer Parking

$50 per month

Commissions on Horse Sales

10% for referral

20% for in-house sales under $10,000

10% for in-house sales over $10,000


$25 hook up fee, plus $3.00 per loaded mile