See for yourself how lovely they are!

Meet the Barn


Foxy Lady

We are convinced we have the single sweetest pony in the entire world here at SNF: Foxy Lady. Sometimes referred to as a “Barbie Doll pony,” Foxy has a beautiful golden coat and a flowing blonde mane and tail. She is a Welsh Pony/Arabian cross and the oldest pony at the barn at 32 years old! Foxy loves the little ones and has taught more children to ride than we can count. She is 110% reliable and always takes the best care of her riders. Her general perfection as a pony has earned her quite the fan club, from kids in lessons to birthday parties to camps. We don’t know what we would do without our Foxy—she’s one of the absolute greats.



Rose is as sweet as they come. She is perfect for riders learning to wtc and jump. She has smooth gaits and is very patient with her riders. Which makes her the ultimate teacher. She has years of show and camp experience. Rose is looking for a rider who wants to learn to jump safely and confidently. She can jump up to 2’3 happily. She is best suited for beginner or novice riders who want to advance their skills.


Oops a Daisy

Daisy is Rosie’s daughter! When we first got Rosie, we didn’t know she was pregnant, and several months later, she surprised us with a beautiful baby, whom we named Oops a Daisy. Daisy has a very rhythmical, balanced canter that makes it easy to find a distance to any jump. She has experience showing in dressage, hunters, equitation, jumpers, eventing, and derbies, truly a jack of all trades. Although she comes in a smaller package at 16hh, she is incredibly athletic and is currently jumping 3' with lead changes. She is suited for any level rider Novice- Advanced. 


KC Kat

KC Kat came to SNF as a resale project in 2012, but when we realized what a good boy he was, we vowed never to let him go. KC is a Thoroughbred who tried and failed to be a race horse (you’ll understand why if you ever get the pleasure of riding this pokey boy). None of the typical Thoroughbred stereotypes apply to this handsome man—he is totally quiet, not afraid of anything, and his favorite gait is the halt. He is the ultimate confidence builder with a canter you’ll dream about. He has been horse shown by many, in both the hunter and dressage rings. If you’re looking for a partner who is 100% reliable and a ton of fun to ride, KC Kat is your guy. He’s happy to let you groom and pamper him for hours, take you on a leisurely trail ride, jump around a course, or put in a solid training level dressage test. They don’t come any sweeter.


Only At Macy's

Only at Macy’s, Macy for short, is a 2000 Paint/Quarter Horse mare. She is a beautiful chestnut with a blonde mane and tail and high white stockings up her legs. When she was younger, Macy was Melanie’s show horse, carrying her through second level dressage. Since then, she has joined our string of lesson horses, where she’s made it quite clear this is the life she prefers. Macy has become one of our best teachers, taking a special liking to the younger beginner riders. She’s become an expert at teaching kids to canter, and although she prefers flatwork, she will pop you over a few jumps if you ask nicely. Macy was bottle fed as a baby, so even now as an adult, she’ll suck on her tongue like a baby bottle after she eats!



Aragon might try to convince you he is not a gentle giant with his grumpy faces, but don’t let him fool you. This 1998 Thoroughbred Percheron cross is a total teddy bear and would never hurt a fly. He has evented through Novice level and competed through second level dressage with his owner but is currently enjoying his life as a lesson horse here at SNF. He is that rare mix of athletic and kind and steps up to the plate no matter what is asked of him. We are lucky to have such a reliable schoolmaster in the barn!

Rebekka 1


Rebekka is a beautiful KWPM 16.2h mare imported from Holland. This girl is one of a kind, she is so fun to ride! Want a confidence booster or to learn to see your distances to the jumps...she's your girl. She has trained up to 4th level dressage but the past 8 years has been loving life as a hunter in the lesson program. Fun fact SNF now has three generations of homebred KWPN mares, Rebekka, Sassy and we welcomed new foal Ginny to the family in 2023. Rebekka can jump up to 2'3 happily and is best suited for beginner or novice riders who want to advance their knowledge and skills.



Rasta is as close to a unicorn as they come! She is a beautiful 16.1h Oldenburg. She is by far the favorite lesson horse of riders here at the barn. She is kind enough to teach a beginner rider and fun enough for the advanced riders to jump around. She has shown up to 2nd level dressage and had lots of success in the hunters up to 2’6 (can go higher with some maintenance). She has an auto lead change and has incredibly smooth gaits and jump. Rasta is the ultimate confidence booster and is suitable for any level rider. She’s shown in many large venues including, Devon, Farm Show Complex, BLM finals, Colonial Classic.



Spanky, whose show name is Flacon, doesn’t know he is only 15.1 hands (don’t tell him!); he thinks he’s the biggest horse in the barn. He also doesn’t know he’s an old man, born in 1998, (don’t tell him this either!). Spanky recently retired from his Grand Prix showing and is looking to teach a new rider the ropes. Spanky was imported from Denmark years ago, where he spent time in the jumper arena. When he arrived in the US, he spent some time in the hunter ring before finding his home in the dressage world. Since then, he has earned Anecia her silver medal, Melanie her bronze, silver, and gold medals, Laura her bronze medal, and Megan her silver medal. He is a phenomenal little horse with a show record a mile long. His tongue even sticks out now which just adds to his amazing personality.



Sassy, who shows under the name Sangria, is a 2012 Oldenburg mare and the daughter of Rebekka. She was born right here at SNF and was supposed to be sold, but Melanie quickly fell in love with this fancy lady and made sure that didn’t happen. Sassy definitely lives up to her name some days, but when all the pieces fall into place, she is astounding to watch. Her development into a dressage competitor has been fun to watch over the past few years. She is working on the Grand Prix and has been showing FEI, but now Sassy has a baby girl named Ginny!


Gin & Tonic

Ginny, Sassy's new baby girl was born June 2023. She is an Oldenburg mare by Glamourdale, so she should be a very fancy dressage horse in the future. She is a third generation her at SNF with Sassy being her mom and Rebekka being her grandma! Ginny is very friendly and loves to run around the field, come say hi to this social butterfly.



Diozar, better known as Derek, is a 2008 KWPN Gelding.  Melanie is Derek's riders and they have been competing in the Grand Prix. Derek has a sensitive side and is very sweet, but is very powerful under saddle with lots of suspension. He really is a McDreamy! He loves to be outside in his field and undressing himself on the regular



Mazur, affectionately nicknamed Mo, is a 2002 German Riding Pony owned by Lauren Kramer. Mo is the hair envy of Second Nature Farm - his long, lustrous, wavy forelock that often falls over his eyes just add to his cuteness factor. What Mo lacks in height he makes up for in presence in the show ring. He has taken his owner Lauren from training level to PSG, helping her earn her bronze medal in 2018 and silver medal in 2019! If you’re lucky, you’ll catch Mazur on one of his rare jump days; although he specializes in dressage, this little guy can jump the moon!

Captured at Devon on 3 10, 2021 by Bethany P Photography


Dancer aka Dylan is Lauren’s new high class guy. She bought him as a move up from her other pony Mazur. Dylan is very flashy with a white face, leg, and a big shoulder in the trot! He is a 2008 warmblood imported from Germany a few years ago who loves to make grumpy old man faces. Lauren is planning to show the I-1 and hopefully GP in the future!


Captain Morgan

Born and raised here at SNF, Captain is Anecia’s partner in crime. He is an 2007 KWPN Dutch Warmblood. His favorite activities under saddle include hacking out at Fair Hill and showing off his flying lead changes (he holds the title of best lead-changer in the barn!). Captain’s best friends include his turnout buddy Spanky. Needless to say, Captain has a ton of personality. He & Anecia have competed very successfully through all the levels


Crown Royal

Crown Royal, better known around the barn as Santi. He flew over from Germany during the summer of 2018 to be Anecia’s newest partner and Captain’s brother. Santi is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. He is absolutely breathtaking to look at and watch, with a personality to match. Nothing fazes this guy, from hacking out on the trails to his first overnight shows to coliseum arenas. He has already made a splash in the show ring, including musical freestyles, which helped Anecia earn her bronze freestyle bar! Santi is just a pleasure to have in the barn and has made an excellent addition to the SNF family.



Chavi moved into one of SNF’s walk-out-stalls in the top barn to finish rehabbing an old injury in 2017. T his Anglo Arab/Trakehner knew from the time he arrived he and Joan would be back together in the show ring! In his prime, he competed through the Prix St. George level and become her schoolmaster. Both Joan and Chavi secured their bronze medal in 2016 before they both had sustained injuries. As time went on Anecia made Joan realize it was time to train again and show this bored, sweet, beautiful man! In 2018 we obviously offended him starting back at training level. His intermittent flying changes let us know he was ready to move up! In 2019 Joan and Chavi competed second level and won the BLM second level Musical Freestyle championship division! Chavi loves to dance and Joan is enjoying everyday she has with her once-in-a-lifetime forever partner.



Lenny is a 2011, 18 hand chestnut gelding with a personality to match his size. Leonard frequently finds himself getting into trouble, from rearranging his stall, to unlocking it himself, his cheeky personality makes him quite the handful. Although he lacks in ground manners, he is quite the gentleman under saddle. Lenny and his owner, Amanda, have made considerable progress in the hunter/equitation ring this past year and are excited about the upcoming show season!

Bacardi 1


Bacardi is tall, dark and handsome KWPN gelding, standing at 17.1h tall. He has had a very successful career up to Prelim as an event horse when he was younger. Now he is happy teaching riders the ropes. He is proficient in dressage up to 3rd level and can jump happily around 2’6 (can go higher with some maintenance). He is a confident horse and is best for riders who are serious and looking to advance.



Gizmo is the best little man we have around the farm these days. He is going straight to heaven. Gizmo loves kids and is happy to plop around all day with them on his back. He also loves to canter and is happy to help our instructors teach their students how to do so. You can take Giz anywhere with anyone and he is always a gentleman.



Freddie is a 2013, German Warmblood. He is full of potential, currently working on Fourth level with hopes to moves into FEI in a few years. Freddie can be a typical teenage boy with his overzealous attitude, almost all the time, but Megan still loves his shenanigans. From winning High Point to running into trees Freddie is a handsome and talented dude.


World Player

2013 Hanoverian Gelding “Player “ is a lovebug with personality plus! He took his Young Rider through 3rd level and even loves to play with his musical freestyle! We are lucky enough to have him as part of our dressage team and can’t wait to see him in the show ring with his new riders.



Ruby is nothing short of her name, a GEM! She is a 2003, warmblood, mare.  She joined the SNF in 2020 and has quickly become a favorite among the riders and instructors. Ruby is truly a jack of all trades, she’s done dressage, XC, hunters, equitation, IEA you name it. Before life, at SNF she was at Dickinson College being used in their IHSA program. Ruby is as easy going as they come and will do anything her rider asks of her. Ruby is a packer in the 2'6 hunters with an auto change (can go higher with maintenance).



Kabi is a 2007, PRE, Gelding imported from Spain. He has the best personality and takes great care of his owner Katie. They are having great success at shows working on the Training level. Kabi is also working towards showing Third level with Melanie and learning his changes like a pro. He is a joy to ride and quite the Spanish dancer!


Full Court Pressure

Court is a 2007, gelding, and the most wonderful little thoroughbred you'll ever meet. He goes with the flow, is very kind, and is happy to take the more advanced riders or the newbies for a ride. He has become a favorite lesson horse at SNF because of his disposition and his willingness to work.



Moon is a 1998, Welsh, gelding, and a sassy little pony, but an absolute gem! He happens to look like an old pony SNF had named Soldier. That meant Moon had to join the crew! He was been a wonderful addition and a star in the hunter ring. Moon loves to jump around a course and is great at teaching the little ones how to ride. He may be small, but he has a large personality.



This guy truly fits his name, EASY, he has an incredibly sweet deposition and has the qualities of a wonderful lesson horse. He is one of our younger lesson horses and still green to showing. He has experience jumping up to 2’6 and needs a confident rider to continue to build his education. He has experience in the hunters, XC, trail rides and derbies. He is best suited for a rider who is proficient jumping and looking to help further their knowledge with a green horse.


Silver Bird

Bird is a beautiful 17.1 hand Hanoverian/Percheron cross. She is a dark bay with a touch of brown on her nose and a small white star. Bird loves treats! She is always looking for them! Her owner Shanna, only purchased her about a year ago and they have already formed on unbreakable bond. Bird came to her as a dressage horse but has recently started doing hunter shows, cross country and her favorite trail riding at Fair Hill. The future holds lots of new adventures for them.


JS's Expresso

Scotti is a 2009, Dutch Harness, gelding who is as cute as can be and ready for anything. He was recently blessed into the life of Joan and is ready to take care of her in her 7thdecade! Anecia knew he was the perfect addition both in attitude and work ethic to make them a wonderful pair. He has already proven himself at third level and is here to help Joan learn some new tricks and work on her medals! Scotti's stall is right next to his new brother Chavi, please stop by and welcome him!

A lady with a white horse


Lacey is a lovely lady who is sweet and willing to do anything you ask. She is loving her life as a lesson pony teaching kids to trot, canter, and go over poles. Lacey is wonderful to be around in the barn and on her back.



My Duet

Duet is a 2010 Thoroughbred/Clydesdale cross. He came to SNF in 2021 to be Heather’s competition prospect, and her mother Michele’s pleasure horse. Duet is sweet, patient, intelligent, and has a ton of potential! He has already shown a lot of promise at Second Level, and he and Heather will be working to get their scores for their Bronze Medal this year. When he’s in the arena, Duet is focused and always gives 110%. When he’s not working, he can be found eating, smiling for a cookie, or snoring loudly while he sleeps. Duet is a handsome guy with a ton of personality, and well-loved by those who are lucky enough to ride him.



MareGold is our 2016, 14h, resident Paint/Halflinger cross mare. This little lady is full of personality. She always wants to be picked for the next adventure.  She jumps, trail rides, and enjoys the dressage arena. She is the one who is always getting into mischief so keep a close eye on her when you are handing out treats. If you are wondering out by the mare's field make sure you stop and say hello to her.



Roxy is our beautiful hunter show pony. (2005 model) She is known for her adorable face that loves to greet us in the morning for her tiny bits of grain. This lady has done it all,  showing and jumping all over. Loads of experience with this one. She has perfect manners and loves to be pampered. She is happy standing on the cross-ties being groomed and fed treats or trotting on the trail or arena.



Sophia this large beautiful 2005 Percheron Cross is a favorite at the farm. She is a bit bossy in the field but lovely to ride. She loves to work and tries very hard to be her best. Sophia has endless energy for lessons and trail rides. She can usually be found in her field hanging out with her best buddy MareGold. I am sure they have some stories to tell.


Jose Cuervo

Jose is currently the youngster at the farm, born in 2021. He is a beautiful bay boy who is spending his time just growing up. He is full of personality and learning to behave with groundwork and for or farrier. We are hoping the future is bright for this cutie pie.



Shorter than a Great Dane dog, wider than she is tall, sassy attitude... That would be Pop Tart, our miniature horse. She's too small to be ridden but provide endless entertainment for everyone at SNF. Pop Tart loves visitors, so go see this cheeky pony in the lower barn shed row next time you’re at SNF.


Celtic Arrow

Celtic Arrow better know as Arrow is a 2005 Paint/Quarter Horse. He is a favorite at SNF because of his unique color and amazing riding abilities. Arrow is happy to pack around a beginner or go on the bit and show you some lovely leg-yields. He's super easy to get on the bit and light in the contact.



After showing Wester Dressage for many years at Second Nature Farm with many Western Championships to First Level including Musical Freestyle, Echo made it her home in 2023. She is a Thoroughbred cross with a great work ethic. Obstacle/trail classes are her specialty. She is now doing English Dressage at First Level. She loves to trail ride and takes excellent care of her rider.

Chevy, Titan & Stella

Chevy, Titan and Stella are the resident dogs at SNF. They are extremely friendly and love to bark at each other all the time. Chevy is a Pembrooke Corgi with a big personality and lots of tricks. Titan is a German Shepard who runs all day long and has the ability to fold in half. Stella is a German Shepard as well with bounds of energy and athleticism. All the dogs love their farm life and love to get attention!


Desi & Daphne

Desi & Daphne are the beloved barn cats here at SNF! They can be found in the tack room, hayloft, on hay bales, hunting in the shedrow, sitting in trees, and running through the fields. Desi showed up one day and decided he loved it here with all the attention and treats. Daphne came as a kitten and has embraced her life in the barn with minimal efforts trying to keep her fluffy white fur clean. Both cats love to be petted and will scream and come running when they see you!